Linda (daughter of former client)

My goal was to keep my mother in her home as long as possible, and with the assistance of AdvoCare we were able to do that. The initial service plan is very thorough and well done. As time went on AdvoCare staff adjusted to the needs of my mom, and were flexible with the schedule. One great thing was that the staff was wiling to additional things such as cooking, light cleaning, grocery shopping, and laundry, which helped me tremendously. The staff was professional and trustworthy, and they had a comfortable connection with my mom.

Carrie (daughter of former client)

With Advocare, I have peace of mind my mother is in good hands. Chelsie’s excellent professional and personal attention to every detail of her care helps our family enjoy quality time in an otherwise stressful environment. Their service continues to enrich our family.

Alexis (former caregiver)

Awesome company! The owner, Chelsie really cares about her clients and is very nice to work with. Goes above and beyond and is always on time. Would definitely recommend!!

Jennifer (daughter of client)

My Dad suffered from Alzheimer’s and being at home in familiar surroundings was so important for both his physical and emotional comfort. AdvoCare made it possible for him to stay in his home and be safe. Chelsie worked hard to match caregivers that worked well with him, they were always on time, efficient, kind, and attentive their entire shift. The AdvoCare team became part of our family!

Cynthia (daughter of client)

I was in dire need of help. My Mom suffered a stroke, and I wanted to get her home where she wanted to be. I called AdvoCare and explained to Chelsie, the owner, my situation. She personally met the ambulance at Mom’s house and helped us settle in and start a plan of care. Mom was not able to take care of any of her needs. I was able to have caregivers from AdvoCare from 8pm to 8am which made it so I could go home and rest while being assured that she was well taken care of. Chelsie and her caregivers were very professional, always on time, approachable, pleasant and willing to hear my thoughts and concerns. With their help I was able to keep my Mom in her home for the duration of her life. The Caregivers became part of our family and will remain in my heart forever. I will always be so grateful for their help!

Dawne (daughter of client)

Chelsie and her staff have been working with my Mother for the past few months and my Mother has been very satisfied with their services. Chelsie and the caregivers have been extremely attentive, accommodating, and considerate. Chelsie is very professional, and when my Mother needed some extra attention recently on short notice, Chelsie immediately jumped in and personally took care of my Mother until another caregiver could be called in. It is extremely reassuring to know my Mother is in good hands.

Sarah (daughter of client)

AdvoCare caregivers have been assisting my mother for the past two years and we are all very pleased and grateful to have their help. They treat my mom with professionalism, but are at the same time, very caring and respectful of her. I can’t say enough good things about Chelsie, the CEO. She has been incredibly helpful and supportive and always makes time for questions and concerns. I recommend AdvoCare to anyone who could use some help whether it is 24/7 like my mom, or just a few hours a day.