Sexual Activity

‘EVERYDAY HEALTH ONLINE’, addresses the taboo subject of sex, especially seniors and sexual activity.  The article reports that a large number of senior men and women are having good sex and more often.  The issue is based upon a study done by a Swedish research team. The team measured the sexual activity of 70-year-olds during 1970 & 1971, they then measured the sexual activity of those who were 70 in 2000 & 2001. The data showed that the sexual activity of the men rose from 47% to 76%, and the sexual activity of women rose from 12% to 34%, A research team member, Nils Beckman, RN, PhD stated, “We found that the later born 70-year-olds were more often having happy relationship, and more often having higher satisfaction with their sexual activity than the earlier born cohorts.”

Other data showed that having a physically and mentally healthy partner, and drinking alcohol at least 3-times per week were commonalities in those having a satisfying sex life. Experts recommend the best way is to maintain a healthy sex life is to adopt a healthy lifestyle, and that men talk to their doctor regarding erectile dysfunction, and women talk with doctor about low libido.