Hygiene Assistance

Bathing, Dressing, Grooming, and Incontinence Care

Meal Preparation/ Diet Monitoring

Cooks Meals and/or Helps Plan Weekly Menus

Eating Assistance/Feeding

Opening Packets, Cartons, Condiments, Positioning Plates or Utensils, Buttering Bread, Peeling Fruit, and Cutting Meat


Laundry, Dusting, Vacuuming, Organizing, Watering, Sweeping, Mopping and Shoveling

Ambulatory & Transferring Assistance

Assistance in and out of Shower, Chairs, Beds, and Vehicles

Morning/Bedtime Assistance

Help with Brushing Teeth, Shaving, Combing Hair, and Dressing

Incidental Transportation

Medical & Non-Medical Appointments, Social Outings, Shopping, and Prescription Pick-Up

Joyful Companionship

Conversation, Reading, Playing Games, Escort to Social Functions

Set Appointments

Medical & Non-Medical Appointments, and Social Appointments

Activity Planning

Activities with Caregiver, Family or Friends

Medication Monitoring

Reminders when to take Medications


Check-In on Clients, Escort on Outings, and Assist during Specific Activities

Communication Assistance

Telephone, Mail and Computer Assistance

Pet Care

Walk Pets, Pet Grooming, Feed Pets, and Pet Clean-Up

Exercise Plan & Assistance

Assist or Help Plan Light Exercise such as Walking and Riding Stationary Bike

Respite Care

Temporary Relief for Caregivers or Family Members

Educational Information/Support to Families

Newsletters, Brochures, Books and Educational Seminars


Local Referrals for additional Services, Education and Support