• Do you notice a change in weight (gain or loss)?

May be a sign of improper nutrition

  • Is the house (especially inside) not being kept up?

Maybe sign of lack of ability, strength or emotional symptoms, also an increase in potential falls

  • What are their financial resources?

This will determine the care options, what can they afford

Can family provide additional financial support

  • Do they have long term care insurance?

Can be a great assistance is helping care opens

        Assisted living Facility, In Home Care, etc.

  • What are their life sustaining wishes?

Do they have a living-will on record, such as do not resuscitate , etc.

Do they have a medical power of attorney

Both very beneficial to family members in making difficult end of life decision

  • Do they qualify for government assistance?

Contact SSN, Sate, County a City Agencies of information.